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International  Festival


The First Rachmaninoff International Festival was held on May 26, 2013 in Russian House "Rodina" and will run concurrently with the annual Russian Cultural Festival. These Festivals aim to attract the attention of all of our fellow citizens, and most especially the young people, to the cultural heritage of the Russian émigré community and the need for its preservation and continuation.

The festivalís name was chosen with a purpose. Sergei Rachmaninoff is known throughout the world. His music spans continents and countries. He was born in the Russian Empire, which molded him as a composer. The second half of his life he lived and worked in the United States, which remembers him with admiration and with love.

This Festival has united Russian scale and American efficiency. It will be a meeting with Russia - with all of its allure, magic and diversity. Each participant of the Festival, including immigrants of all generations, those who study the Russian language and literature, and those who are going to study it as well as anyone who wants to know something about Russia will no doubt discover and learn something important and interesting about Russia.

During the Festival, we was also celebrate the opening of Glory Park, where stone and bronze monuments have been placed honoring the greatest Russians renowned throughout the world.

It has long been the stuff of legend, originally arising during the lifetime of Sergei Rachmaninoff, that his music has the ability to cure illnesses, both physical and spiritual. In our contemporary world, now more than ever, it is essential that we unite the restorative powers of this beautiful music with unselfish striving for the common good. We also invite anyone who may be interested in volunteering by assisting us in the preparation for the Rachmaninoff International Festival in whatever manner possible.

 Video about the Festival can be found here.
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Each of us has a desire to preserve, multiply and transmit to
future generations the cultural heritage of their ancestors.

That is the goal of the Russian House "Rodina."