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History Museum
at Russian House Rodina


The main purpose of museum is educational. It includes the following sections:

1.          Old Russian history - from the first Slavs until the beginning of XII century;
2.          Period of specific fragmentation (Mongol invasion, until Ivan III);
3.          Period of last Rurik (Time of Troubles, until 1613);
4.          Romanov Dynasty;
5.          First World War 1914-1918;
6.          Civil War of 1918-1923 and White Movement;
7.          History of Russian emigration;
8.          Second World War, 1939-1945;
9.          History of Russian Culture and Art abroad;
10.     Russian folk crafts - Palekh, Gzhel, Khokhloma, Jostovo, Kasli etc.


Area of the museum is about 360 sq.m. (67 x 58 = 3.886 sq.ft.). Itís controlled humidity and temperature. There are two rooms for storage and research work with archival documents ​​about 33 sq.m. (350 sq.ft.) each, as well as room for storing paintings.



   We will be grateful to all those who will help to create and operate it.





Each of us has a desire to preserve, multiply and transmit to
future generations the cultural heritage of their ancestors.

That is the goal of Russian House RODINA.